Second Chance Baker Solutions has formulated strategies to aid, educate and guide people who are in low income status and/or just released from prison. We provide governmental assistance and aid individuals in a second opportunity at life with the proper resources and tools to become successful.


Consult those within low income areas or recently released prisoners.


Aid individuals to become rightful citizens with education and resources.


Formulate strategies helping to clarify the client objectives and goals.


Provide resources and tools to measurement the change of ones status.


Cooperate and serve industrial, commercial, trade, professional associations, political organizations and advocacy groups.

Second Chance Baker Solutions

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The Second Chance Baker Solutions provides services to individuals with a criminal conviction to help them reenter the workforce. 

We work with Individuals on how to become self sufficient with a plan or the resources and tools that lead to employment.

We aid and guide them through the program, teaching in workshops, and provide access to community resources.


An individualized plan for services and enrollment into the program


Job readiness workshops to develop a professional resume, interview skills, and work-life skills


Providing resources for interview clothing and other supportive services


Assistance with resources and tools for job search in the community, completing job applications, and follow-up with employers


Qualified participant may participate in paid work experience, but are not guaranteed positions


Mentor Follow-up after obtaining employment to assist with any barriers impacting job retention


The program is open to anyone with a criminal record (misdemeanor and/or felony) and individuals do not need to be actively on Probation or Parole but must have a verified criminal record.


Must be at least 18 years old and have I-9 documentation (or the ability to obtain). We accept referrals from Probation, Parole, and other community organizations.


Individuals can also self-refer. All services are provided at no cost.

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Second Chance Solutions gives proven concrete steps for every individual and circumstance.

Our Consulting services provides education and services to individuals with a criminal record or of low income status to help them get back on their feet, re-enter the workforce and get the tools for real change.


Integrity and honesty guide all phases of the client and consultant relationship from the exploratory meeting to final delivery.

Cost Effective

Special expertise insures our clients attain cost effective, results oriented solutions.



Excellence is the hallmark in all of our business associations with suppliers, independent consultants and most importantly our clients.



Strategic formulation, business planning, system analysis and operational audits ensures individuals reach their goals.

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Help support Second Chance Bakers Solution by sending money to our organization. All proceeds goes to helping to support our clients have all the tools, resources, education and support to re-enter into the workforce and society. Thank you!

Our founder

From behind bars to breaking glass ceilings rising to the top of multiple industries, Laquita Baker is the founder of Second Chance Bakers Solution.

Laquita Baker is a second chance survivor serial entrepreneur

Laquita Baker has dedicated her life advocating service to second chance offenders for the betterment of humanity.

AKA The #1 Hustler, Baker is an expert in second chance living. She is an advocate for change, a licensed master braider, graduate black stone paralegal, net nursing, attended barber school and cosmetology school and graduated in prison. With a mission to continuously better herself to be a model for those she coaches, Baker also currently interns for free heart organization while acting as CEO of two businesses with two mentors (Dawn Harrington & Shante Randolph).

As a result of finding success after prison and openly helping others in similar walks of life, Baker has become a highly sought after speaker for second chance inmates. Baker teaches classes to prisoners, former inmates as well as low income individuals about entrepreneurship and how to start your business and level up out of prison.

Additionally, Baker is a Certified Nursing Assistant, care giver, and volunteer for the Sheriff’s Department.

She is frequently speaking nationally and internationally at seminars, schools, conferences and institutions across the US helping kids and adults stay off the streets.

baker later in life
baker later in life
baker later in life


Follow and Meet Laquita Baker as she speaks and networks across Tennessee, and the country. As the founder of Second Chance Baker Solutions, she is available to speak at your next event to inspire, serve and motivate.


Hey yall! I got out of prison in 2014 and have NEVER looked bk. I served a 17 @ 30 and was released on parole.  I have 4 years of paper left…since being released I immediately got busy with working on me. Prison was quite traumatizing for me and I go the extra mile to make sure I stay out that place!  People are quick to assume that prison will hold you bk and stop you from obtaining/reaching goals-so not true! I was able to obtain a full time job as a Sales manager up until the pandemic hit. I obtained my braider license and have been braiding as a side hustle for years now! Nothing is impossible in life- no matter what you been through! Your life is truly what you make of it

I just want to make a post to hopefully encourage someone to keep pushing no matter what they goin through in 2009 I was sentenced to 15 years @35% on my first offense I severed 4yrs 3mo before I was granted parole I had my head on straight I had enrolled in college for Business Management w/ a concentration on Entrepreneurship. But I still lacked finances and I got back in the streets I ended up violating my parole about 18mo after my release for possession of schedule 2 narcotics where I had got a 3yr @ 30% on top of my 15. But this time my whole thought process changed over this next period of time of 4yrs 8mo I read well over 100 books on subjects like Law, Credit , Business, Real Estate, and Investing. Currently I own my own Business as a Business Consultant since I made my mind up on not going back to the streets I have propelled so far in life in such a small period of time if you have a dream chase it! As of 12/24/20 I have been off parole and I’m not looking back! Don’t Ever be scared to chase your Dreams good luck to anyone if you need any help feel free to reach out to me if I can’t help you we will find someone who can✊🏾

I am 36 years old. I always thought that the before and after pictures of people on drugs were fake when I was younger, just a scare tactic & that would never happen to me. At the age of 24 I was introduced to dilaudid, meth, and heroin and started using them all intravenously almost immediately since that’s what the people around me were doing. At first, it was fun and I actually fit in with everyone Plus, the feelings I had been trying to mask for so long, were finally gone. I had no idea what I was actually getting myself into. I ended up dropping out of high school my senior year, I always ran away from school, was getting arrested, survived 4 overdoses, etc. I was literally thriving in chaos. I thought at the age of 24 I would be anywhere but where I was. I think a lot of people think “oh, that would never happen to me”, until it’s too late and you realize that it did. After too many arrests, too many felonies, 4 overdoses, 2 times in residential treatment, 3 times in long-term, a million broken promises, the chaos has finally stopped. I have 6 years this Dec. 2022 clean & sober. I ended up getting my GED in 2015 in a county jail but no matter what I was proud of myself b/c I wasn’t giving up. 11 yrs @35% in the TN Prison when your so called best friend sets you up over 5 pills that mean nothing to this day, but that 11 yrs got wiped clean b/c I done the time & I didn’t let the time do me. There will come a time you’ll get tired of chasing that high, & hanging w/Those ppl u call friends that’s feeding it 2 u knowing they don’t care about u. There’s so much more 2 life & I’m glad I’m part of that but just know I’ll never give credit 2 myself b/c it was hard. I wouldn’t give up drugs for my parents, brothers, any family member or anyone, but I gave it up for God. I promise if you’ll just put a little Faith in God your be surprised how he’ll work in your life. If you’re someone struggling & u feel no one cares, I promise there’s some good ppl left out there & I’m one of them. I care if you’re sober even if I don’t know u.

Hello, my name is Keyona and I would like to share my testimony about being incarcerated and life after incarceration. I was incarcerated in August of 2012 and had a 10 year @ 30% sentence. During that time I was 17 weeks pregnant with my first child (daughter)not knowing when I would be able to go home and raise her. Luckily, I have a very supportive family that raised her and made sure she knew who I was by bringing her to visitations with me weekly. While incarcerated I earned credits through Lipscomb University’s “Life Program” and maintained a 3.7 GPA. In November of 2015, I made parole and was released from the Chattanooga Program in April of 2016 after serving almost three years and eight months. Since 2016, I have worked toward all my goals from having a job, to getting my own place and vehicle. I also started several business ventures along the way. In 2020, I blessed with a baby boy and I was able to have a less stressful pregnancy unlike my pregnancy with my daughter. Here I am now in 2021, I am off of parole (September 2020) and I just started another business venture that I’m absolutely in love with. Pose 360 Experience is a 360 video booth business that brings the “ultimate” party experience. I can truly say I have found a career that makes me happy and being a felon has not held me back. I never in a million years seen myself going behind those gates but one thing I will say I would not have changed any of it. It made me the woman/mother I am today. So if your reading this and feel like there is no hope or you cannot catch a break because of your past I’m here to tell you mostly “ALL” the felons I know are winning… KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE PRIZE‼️ Nothing or no one can hold you back… YOU HAVE TO GO AND GET IT🤞🏾🙏🏾❤️


Hey all I just wanted to share a little bit of my story I was 23 when I went to prison for sale and del.  of drugs even though I wasn’t using the drugs I was selling I still was very much an alcoholic and co dependent on men. I thought the world revolved around me and there was no consequences to anything I was out there doing. I spent all of my 20’s in prison when I was released i still thought as long as I wasn’t selling drugs I could still be around the people I was around back then which violated my parole and led me back to the same prison I had 11 months before left. In that time is when I really grew up and started wanting better out of my life so when I was paroled back out with the condition of going to a half way house I chose one in Nashville 5 hours away from anyone I knew! I completed the parole board requirements and decided since I was already here why not give myself a chance! I did and it’s the best decision I have made this far!!! I work the same job I have had since been out in Nov2019, who would have thought I would go from paying lawyers to get out of trouble to working with them!!! I have my own home a very nice car a beautiful addition to my family my three month old Little and on top of these wonderful things became a licensed medical esthetician! More importantly I wake up every day at peace with been alone and making the right choices! This journey I am on would not be possible if my past wasn’t as shady as it but my present  tells a different story. Today I am a single strong woman who knows it doesn’t matter how late it is in life you still have a chance you just have to be thankful in the good times and push through the uncomfortable parts to reach your goals! Change is possible and it starts within!! My life hasn’t been easy but I sure don’t make it harder by using the same thinking I use to or depending on others to do what I can only do for myself!! I definitely thank God for allowing me to make it to this point in my life.

“Laquita Baker, CEO of Second Chance Baker Solutions has aided me with the resources & tools leading me to “ Freedom Recovery “ to get a job to become self sufficient also they have financially aid me for personal advancement which has allowed to to be free of prison since 2016.


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